About Glow Co.

Glow Co. is an American pop band formed in Nashville, TN. The trio consists of lead vocalist Annalise Mahanes, bassist/dj Cal Tucker, and guitarist Michael Monahan. The group met playing music on Nashville’s Broadway, and bonded over a love for song writing, production, and pop music. Expect to hear soothing vocals soar over 808s, smooth guitars, and unique synthesizers in their original music.

Annalise Mahanes | Glow Co.

Annalise Mahanes

Annalise Mahanes is from Ashland, Virginia. She attended Belmont University for two years studying vocal performance before leaving to pursue music full time. She has always been in love with performing and is determined to follow her own voice. Annalise hopes to make a difference in the world through music and activism, all while traveling the world to meet new people and experience new cultures. She enjoys hanging out with her dog, cooking, traveling, songwriting, and drinking coffee. Her favorite color is yellow.

About Michael Monahan | Glow Co.

Michael Monahan

Michael Monahan is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Flagler College with a business degree, but had his heart set on songwriting and playing guitar full time. He is always ready to create and learn new things. From custom painted sneakers to writing poems, rap verses, and guitar riffs, Mike is motivated and driven, and allows his imagination to run free. He enjoys taking long drives, hanging out with his cat, eating Chick-fil-a and drinking a cold Coca-Cola. His favorite color is green.

About Cal Tucker | Glow Co.

Cal Tucker

Cal Tucker is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in commercial songwriting. Cal has been a performer since birth and is very multi talented. He plays the guitar, piano, bass guitar, and produces music through Ableton Live. This allows him to create the melodies that play in his mind constantly from just a simple iPhone recording, to a full on composition. He enjoys watching Pittsburgh sports, working out, eating ice cream, and going to the beach. His favorite color is blue.